We cover all user stages
along the Leisure Journey.

Leisure, the new challenge

We create digital projects for the different stakeholders for the Leisure sector.

Each stakeholder in the Leisure sector must relate to each other to generate added value for the new type of user in the Leisure Journey.

A dialogue with the user must be established through the different omnichannel contact points through the phases of exploration, consideration, decision, stay, post-stay and loyalty, adapting its message in each stage and area of interaction.

Storytelling, contact points, technology and measurement are the four layers that will be perfectly integrated, allowing real-time communication and measurement of satisfaction to improve the user experience continuously.

To achieve this goal is necessary to create a digital project focused on the user that covers all areas of a Customer Experience strategy, pushing the organization to a digital transform.

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For the last years, the concept of tourism has been evolving; in which the important thing was the destination and hotel where we travelled, through a new concept in which experiences prevail over the place to visit. So it no longer matters where we go besides what we are going to do there and what activities and experiences we will discover and enjoy. This could be part of what we call “leisure”, and nowadays it is making a difference in our trips.

We return home and perhaps remember more intensely a gastronomic evening in a special restaurant, swimming with dolphins, a candlelight concert, a visit to a theme park or a magnificent spa session with Ayurvedic treatments.

After the pandemic, the evolution of tourism towards leisure is a trend that has been intensified even more. The confinement and closure of everything related to our leisure and enjoyment have meant that, once most countries and tourist destinations are open again, people want to travel and return to having fun and enjoying experiences and activities of leisure during their getaways and holidays.

The Leisure, beyond the destination and accommodation

The Stakeholders of the Leisure sector

destination as starting point

Destinations play a key role as a starting point on the Leisure Journey. We give visibility to national and international destinations by transmitting their main characteristics through a personalized design and visual, graphic and narrative content adapted to the needs of each brand.

Operational base

We connect with your target and potential customers by transmitting your accommodations values and differential facts through a coherent narrative of content and storytelling.

Enjoy, learn and share

Theatres, cinemas, museums…we put our experience and know-how at your disposal to communicate and facilitate the user experience through a digital project with an integrated reservation system and payment gateways.

emotions for every moment

A website is the best way to convey to the user the essence and characteristics of any experience and start their Customer Journey from the first click, through an adventure, gastronomic experience, or travel.

enjoy your experience on the go

Golf courses, fitness centres, ski resorts, sailing regattas, triathlon competitions… We are experts in transmitting the values of health, sport and well-being through a digital strategy tailored to the needs of each brand or product.


We generate value for the restaurant sector through our personalized digital projects, creating a positive, stable and continuous engagement with your clients thanks to a perfect symbiosis between graphic design, visuals and content.

taking care of body and mind

We design digital projects tailored to health centres, Spa & Wellness centres or beauty salons to reach your customers directly and transparently, through careful design and specialized content that contributes to the positioning and dissemination of your brand and services.

a day of Retail Therapy

Whether you have a physical store or e-commerce, we help you reach and connect with your customers, transmitting the characteristics and values of your brand through an innovative and personalized digital project, integrating gateways and payment systems adapted to the characteristics of your company.


We give visibility to your event company through an innovative and multichannel digital project to reach your audience quickly and directly, position your brand and generate a positive conversion for your business.


We help you make your community or association’s values visible and transmit your message by connecting with your target audience thanks to a personalized and innovative digital project, with a unique design and content created to suit your needs.

The best brands work with eLeisure

Outstanding digital projects


We are experts in integrating the main tools and technologies for the leisure sector.

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